Keep learning, keep investing

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I have always wanted to write something about the scale of importance of self training on personal and professional development. It is said that one example says more than thousands sermons, so that I will tell you the case of a man called Comodo.

Comodo graduated in Computer Science ten years ago and soon after his graduation, he started working in a big IT company as a Junior Software Enginner. He promptly learned C++, the most used programming language at the company and he became familiar with the software waterfall process, getting to know all the stages that a software project is involved in. In five years, he knew almost everything that he needed to complete his dutties properly. The company was a succesfull one, so it was not considered to change anything. The company thougth: “If this is working fine, why do we need to change?”. Meanwhile, Comodo was promoted, reaching a really comfortable situation in the company. He was happy and he felt that he had everything under control. Nothing made him think what was going to happen. Over time, and little by little, the company started to drop in sales, so that it was decided to get rid of some employees. Comodo was one of them, all of a sudden he saw himself as an unemployee. He had gained some quite years of experience, so he thought it was going to be easy to find another job, but this thought was far from reality. During the next 6 months he did 20 interviews, but none of them was succesfull. A lot of words and questions were not familiar to Comodo on these interviews:

– Do you have any experience with Scrum?
– Have you ever worked with agile methodologies?
– Do you know Test Driven Development?
– What do you think about extreme programming?
– How do you test your applications automatically?
– Have you ever heard about Jenkins?
– Do you know smart pointers in C++?
– What is a lambda expression?
– Tell me some features of the latest standard of C++
– Do you have experience with any other language apart from C++?

Then, Comodo realized how far his knowledge was from the latest techniques, mehodologies and new standards.He blamed the company he had been working in for the last 8 years, he was not able to understand why the company was working in such an old fashioned way. But while he was part of that company, he did nothing to keep up to date, so he inmediately came to the conclusion that he was totally responsible for his situation. Fortunately,he was offered a job in another company, where he is currently working. His new company offers him different trainings during the year, so that he can keep growing. However, he already knows that if at some point, the company stops training him, he will do it himself, because as Benjamin Franklin mentioned, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

I am not Comodo, but I could be he. That is why I keep learning, I keep investing.

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